Dylan is 1!!!!

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Dylan is 1 and I can't believe it! It is so fitting that he was born in March b/c it's the month when Spring begins (well, it's supposed to anyway) and the month when you can start doing more outdoor activities! This boy loves to be outdoors (hmm...I wonder where he gets that from!) We're so excited that it is finally starting to get warmer outside so he can play with his new outdoors toys... Here is what he's up been up to:

-Cruising--fast! He's pretty close to walking, but just won't let go of things quite yet and take a step on his own.
-Loves to push his bike and push toy around the house...he's getting pretty fast!

-Still LOVES musics and LOVES to dance He has got some new dancing moves...he was doing to the little booty shake (and still is), but now he is doing the no no (shaking his head no) and the arm out move (he extends his right arm out then brings it back in over and over)...I'm not sure where he's getting these moves but this boy has got rhythm!

-Talking A LOT. He can say: Jack, baby, hey baby, hey Jack, momma, dada (his fav thing to say!), num num (when something is yummy), buf (woof), beh (bear), ba (bath), banana, ball, uh uh ("uh oh" without the oh...says this whenever he drops something)

-LOVES his Baby Einstein DVDs

-Claps his hands a lot and does "so big!" Lately, he's been letting go of objects while standing and doing "so big!" then claps his hands then does "so big!" again. Little stinker just won't take a step though quite yet! He can stand on his own for quite awhile now.

-Loves to read books

-We're working on getting rid of the bottle...not going so well yet, but we're trying some different sippy cups too.

-No more formula!!! Yeah!

-Loves to play in his crib and dance to the music from his crib toy then he points and asks for all of his stuffed animals to be given to him in his crib and then he starts doing some crazy wrestling moves and body slams all of his animals!

-Loves to look out the backdoor...especially when Jack is out there.

-When you say Aaaww, he lays his head down on your shoulder and says, "aaaww." Too cute!
Holds up the remote control towards the TV and presses the buttons (I promise he doesn't watch a whole lot of TV, he's just really observant!)

-Pretends his hand is a phone and holds it up to his ear and talks whenever we're on the phone.

-Loves to pat Jack on the head, and I think Jack secretly loves it too.

-Loves to open dresser drawers and take all the clothes out then put them back in.

-Blocks are still his favorite toys. He loves to put them all in something then take them all out, then repeat!

-Points to things he wants.

-Throws a fit sometimes when you take something away from him.

-He shakes his head no when he doesn't want something.

-Is actually doing good sometimes with stabbing food with his fork then getting it to his mouth.

-Hates to have his nose wiped or his face wiped.

-Loves his puppy that his Auntie Ang got him...Puppy is always in bed with him and Dylan loves to sleep on top of him or just squeeze him tight under his arm!

-He also has six teeth now thanks to two coming in the week of his birthday!

Dylan, you're such joyful little BOY and we're so excited to see what you do in the next months to come! We love you!