Dylan's 1st birthday week extravaganza!

Dylan is now officially one!!! He is changing so much from month to month and is looking more and more like a little boy. He had a great birthday party--loved his cake, loved his presents but most of all loved having all of his family and friends over to celebrate his special day! I surprised myself and cried when we sang Happy Birthday to him...turning one is a big deal but even bigger for Dyl in my opinion because of what he has had to endure his first year of life. We left the party decorations up all week because he liked them so much!

Poor guy...he got a bad cold from partying too hard and was sick leading up to his actual birthday. He was feeling better on his birthday on Wednesday, so he got to spend the day with mommy & daddy and we took him to the Children's Museum for the first time then out to dinner that evening for his birthday. He got to have grilled cheese, french fries and ice cream with chocolate syrup for dessert! Since he's one now, he insisted on feeding himself applesauce...it was pretty messy but we let him do it since it was his birthday!

On Sunday we went to Locke's first birthday party! Dylan had such a great time playing with all the other kiddos and it was great to meet some blogger friends in person! Locke's mom, Emily, is a special childhood friend of mine. We lost touch over the years, but then found out we were pregnant with our boys at the same time, and we reconnected! It has been so great talking to each other about our pregnancies and now how our boys are progressing (our boys are only 4 days apart!) Happy 1st Birthday, Locke!
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Derek and Angie said...

Awww...he's wearing his #1 shirt from us =)