Mean mommy...

We are in the process of transitioning from a bottle to strictly sippy cups for Dylan. I started last weekend with only giving him water in his bottle and having his sippy cup with milk (so he would start to associate the sippy cup as the one having the good stuff). Well, this little guy is stubborn! He wouldn't drink the water from his bottle, would take a sip from his sippy, then go right back to his bottle! So (being the mean mommy that I am) I decided to just take it away completely b/c if he had the choice he would always pick the bottle even though it only had water in it!

We are now totally off the bottle during the day, and just having a bottle before bedtime. He's doing really well without the bottle--not fussy at all...the only problem is now he isn't getting enough milk during the day! Ugh...I didn't even want to give him the bedtime one, but I feel like I have to so he gets some milk during the day! He refuses to drink milk out of a sippy cup...he will however drink water or juice out of a sippy cup. We have tried chocolate syrup and a little Carnation breakfast mix and he still wasn't crazy about it in the sippy (the doc. okayed all...Dylan could use some extra calories anyway!) I'm going to give strawberry syrup a try this weekend if he still isn't drinking milk out of his sippy by then, but I don't want him getting hooked on flavored milk if he decides he likes it!

I'm using the Nuby straw sippy cups b/c he does really well with the one he drinks his juice out and he also does pretty good with the Munchkin brand with a straw. He loves drinking out of a straw, but not milk. I've looked at other sippy cups, but in my opinion some are just glorified bottles!

Any advice out there from other mamas going through or who have gone through the same thing? I feel like such a mean mommy, and I know it's only been a few days but I still feel bad b/c he needs the milk to grow! He's eating his solid food really well, which makes me feel better b/c it's not like he's starving. I'm hoping that in the next week or so he'll drink milk out of his sippy (that's what I'm hoping for anyway, so then I can ease the bedtime bottle away). Also, he starts daycare next Wednesday so I'm hoping that seeing other kids drinking milk out of their sippy cups will help him out too.

Any suggestions???


Matt, Jen, & Braden said...

Hey Emily! We had the same problem with Braden. He transitioned fine to milk in a bottle, but wanted nothing to do with it in a sippy. Tried everything you said you have tried but nothing worked. Then I heard about mixing Orange Juice in with his milk. It sounds disgusting, but it worked like a charm! Went from drinking maybe 2oz/day to 25-35oz/day so we actually had to cut back. We started about 60% milk/40% OJ and slowly cut back over about a week or 2 to only 10-15%OJ. Not sure if it would work for Dylan, but it sure did for us!

Anonymous said...

When I weaned Creek from nursing and the bottle, we started by using a "glorified bottle sippy cup" It was a Nubby with the rubber spout. We used that for a week and then slowly introduced the regular sippy cup. That seemed to ease the transistion. Even though the Nubby sippy bottle looks like a bottle, they don't drink out of it the same way.Anyway. Good luck!!

Jess said...

We also used the Nuby sippy cup with the soft spout (especially for #2...he was/is particularly difficult/stubborn) when learning to drink from a sippy cup (he didnt have to transition from a bottle because he refused them). It is sort of a glorified bottle sippy, but it worked. He also seems to enjoy what he calls his "baby sippy" which is an avent sippy cup.

Does the bottle you use have a sippy cup top that you can replace with? That might help as well. I'm hoping that for #3, I can get her to just use the Kleen Kanteen sippys with the avent top and call it a day.