7 months old!

An action photo of Dylan flapping his arms....
check out his toothers!

Dylan is 7 months old and getting so big!
Here's some more updates and some pics with our friends and their boys.
Dylan is:
  • Working on getting some of his top teeth, so loves teething tablets right now and chewing on his paci (hasn't actually taken a paci in a LONG time, but just loves to chew on it!)
  • Rocking on his hands and knees and scooting, but no crawling yet!
  • Turns off light switches...loves to do this when leaving any room!
  • Eating solids really well! He loves fruits (of course) but also really likes peas and sweet potatoes!
  • He says, num num when he's eating
  • His poop...Dustin is amazed by how much it has changed since he is eating solids...it's lovely to hear daddy changing a diaper and yelling at mommy to come check it out (TMI, maybe, but you other mommy and daddys out there know what I'm talking about!)
  • Weighs almost 18 pounds
  • Will stand while holding onto something sturdy
  • Knows how to turn his crib toy on and off
  • Flaps his arms really fast when he's excited
  • Reaches for mommy and daddy
  • Has been saying bob bob bob this past week (who is bob?)
  • Still loves Jack A LOT!

Carter, Creek, Dylan and Kaden

The big boys and their little boys

The girls and their boys! (Notice how Jack seems to position himself in every pic!)

Notice Creek (in the orange holding a hot dog)

Uh Oh...the hot dog is gone...guess who ate it!