Surgery Scheduled...oh my gosh...

Lots of big stuff to post about. The most important is that Dylan's surgery has been scheduled for November 10th. We went to the cardiologist this morning and his O2 levels have dropped even more (mid-60s now) and we do not want to put this off any longer. He's such a tough guy and so used to his oxygen levels being down he doesn't even show that he is in distress when a lot of other babies would be showing more signs.

He'll go in on November 6th to have a cath done (dye injected through catheter to his heart to make sure it is all good to go) and do pre-op screenings. In the meantime, he is getting a flu shot this Friday and he will be getting a shot for RSV later this month since he will be in the hospital during RSV season. We had to get it approved by our insurance b/c I guess one dose of the immunization is $1000 and they usually only give it to preemies! Dustin and I are on the waitlist to stay at the Ronald McDonald house again. We would hope we'd only be there at the most a week. He should be in surgery for about 5 hours (the actual surgery itself should only take an hour and a half.) The first 24 hours are the most critical after his surgery and he could be in the hospital from 5 days to 2 weeks depending on how he does. I'll be taking a leave of absence from work so I can be at the hospital and at home with him once he is able to come home.

Please continue to keep our little family in your thoughts and prayers. We have been anxious about getting his surgery done and now that it is scheduled we're even more anxious! We're so confident in all of his doctors and we can't wait to get it over with so we can move on without this lingering over us. He's SO tough and I know he'll do great, but it's just so hard to see your little one in any kind of pain!


The Mobleys said...

We'll be thinking about you guys these next few weeks as the date will soon approach. Dylan seems like a REALLY strong little guy. Keep posting so we can keep praying. Take care.