5 Weeks old!

Dylan had his check-up yesterday and his pediatrician is very pleased with how he is doing! He weighed in at 7lbs. 11oz! He cheeks, thighs and tummy are all looking more plump now! They gave him his Hep B shot and he didn't like it at all (neither did mommy!)

Holding daddy's thumb while in the hospital (I just love this pic!)

Dylan had been doing pretty good with sleeping at night...just getting up every couple of hours, but the past couple of nights he has been very fussy and doesn't do well with taking a bottle. As soon as I do get him to sleep and lay him down in bed he wakes up within 5 minutes! Any advice would be very much appreciated!
Two weekends ago, we visited with some of Dustin's extended family. Below is a 5 generation and 4 generation picture! Dylan is blessed to have 14 grandparents!
5 Generation picture

4 Generation picture


Anonymous said...

Emily hang in there!! Try putting Dylan in his swing at night, some babies prefer sleeping upright. Carter slept in his swing(like Dylan's)for 8+ weeks and I slept on the couch next to him. Then I had another swing I used in his room where he slept alone, then I moved him to his bed. Have you tried lullaby music? I'll be intouch to find out if anything works. Kristin

Emily said...

hey em! Swaddling Locke (only when it is "bedtime") has been a lifesaver for us! I also play lullaby music. I am with Kristin, Locke always sleeps better when he is upright. I have bought four different "upright positioners" from Babies R Us and have returned every single one of them! Nothing has worked better for us than the Boppy pillow. I have tried the swing as well...works for a short time for Locke. However, I have read if you are going to try it, make sure it is on a faster speed because babies are so used to strong movements. My three must haves are: swaddling, music, and the Boppy pillow. I primarly use these three items only when I want him to sleep so he knows the difference between awake time and sleep time. Hope that helps! Take care em!

Brooke said...

swaddle swaddle swaddle is all i hear.

let me know of the whole, swaddle with noise and movement works. i hear its a miracle trio.

i'll totally be taking tips from you come july.

good luck.