6 Weeks Old!

Dylan loves to smile!

This has been the fastest 6 weeks of our lives! Dylan is getting so big and changing what seems like every day! He loves smiling for his mommy and as you can see I got some great pictures! He is holding his head up really well, and really enjoys tummy time! We go back to Riley next week for his check-up with the surgeon and cardiologist, so I will make sure to update everyone.

I had my final appointment with my doctor and I'm cleared for exercise now, which is a good thing since Angie's wedding is so close! I don't want to be a fat bridesmaid! I actually don't have to go back and see her until next year for my annual exam (unless I get pregnant again--don't count on it!
We have started a bedtime routine every evening and it seems to help! We do bathtime at 10pm with our lavender body wash, PJ's, lavender lotion, booger sucker, medicine time (his aspirin to thin his blood) then we give him a bottle or I nurse him with the lights off and his lullaby CD playing. We can usually get in to bed by 11pm. He will sleep any where from 2 1/2 hours to 4 hours until he needs to be fed again! He is also in a routine of taking about a 2 hour nap mid-morning so I can either catch up on my sleep too or get some stuff done! Once he starts consistently sleeping a few hours at a time, then we're going to move him from the bassinet to his crib! Wish us luck!


Emily said...

absolutely adorable!