Christmas with the Moody's!

We did Christmas with my parents the weekend before Christmas since most of us would be out of town for the actual day! Dylan was too cute and loved all of the Thomas the Train stuff that he got! He kept yelling, "choo choo!" everytime he opened a gift and insisted on daddy getting each toy out of even the parent-proof packages! Now we're just trying to figure out what to do with all of his choos choos and all of their accessories!

Of course, Jack gets presents too! Dyl blowing in his train whistle, loving on Elmo & Auntie Ang & modeling his new goggles that came with his tool kit from Auntie Ang & Uncle Derek!

Dylan loves all of his family!

Love this pic of Dylan and Uncle Andy! Dylan is always says hi to Uncle Andy and gives him lots of hugs and tries to sit on his lap! Andy loves it!

My parents wanted to get a shot of them with Andy and their dogs, so Dustin decided to hop in there with our dog! Ha!
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