Oh, Christmas Tree!

Dylan has done so well with the Christmas tree! I thought he would be all over it and imagined it falling over on him, but he actually goes up to the tree...points at it...and says, "no, no!" Such a good boy! He's always saying, "pretty tree," and claps and says, "yeaaaaah," when we plug in the lights! He made an ornament at school, and it is by far my favorite ornament that we have! Both of our parents still have some ornaments that Dustin and I made when we were kids, so it's neat to think of us now collecting our son's homemade ornaments and thinking of them as fine art (well, at least I do)!

His famous, "oh" face!

Dyl's first handmade ornament! ♥♥♥

It's the only ornament he's allowed to touch...he knows it's his!
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