Dylan is 19 months old!

Our sweet little boy loving on a pumpkin :)
Well, Dylan is now 19 months old! Wow! He is such a silly little boy and really smart too! Here's what he's been up to:
  • Talking A LOT! Sometimes he makes up his own words, like for popsicle he says "yo." Like I've said in his previous posts, he'll pretty much say anything we tell him to.
  • Loves pointing out body parts like: eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, head, hair, fingers, toes and heart!
  • Loves to march and dance
  • Can count, well...kinda--if you say one, he says two! :)
  • Is turning into quite the climber even more...if he isn't tall enough to get up onto something, he'll push a book or toy over to use it as a step. Smarty pants.
  • Is working on sharing. We practice sharing his toys with him every night.
  • Has been pottying on the potty! Just here and there...when he wakes up dry and before bath time. We're not really pushing potty training too much, but he's definitely interested in it. Whenever you flush the toilet, he says, "bye bye pee-pee" or "bye bye poo-poo." He has been going into the bathroom a lot and just sitting on his potty too. We'll see what happens.
  • Has been putting his leg up over his crib. Yikes! I think we can lower his bed one more level...I am NOT ready for him to be in a toddler bed yet.
  • Has been saying, "MINE!' Everything is mine...including our night night (bed). We're working on this.
  • Is also shaking his head and saying, no. Sometime sweetly, sometimes not so sweetly. We're working on this too.
  • Has 14 teeth now (and isn't using them to bite now that's he's out of his other daycare).

We love you so much, Dylan! You're such a sweet, affectionate little guy and we can't get enough of your hugs and kisses.

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