Dylan is 18 months old!

Look at that face and those blue eyes!
Wow...he is seriously 18 months old!!! I think every month he's looking more and more like a little boy. His new thing lately is climbing everything (hmm...I wonder where he gets that from?) We just love his big personality--he's very funny and such a sweetheart too! Here's just a few pics of what he's been up to, and make sure you also scroll down to see some videos!

This is his "oh" face...he makes it when he's getting into trouble!

First time on g-ma & g-pa's boat! He loved being in the water, but didn't like his life jacket. Grandpa even let him drive the boat (which I think Grandpa enjoyed as much as Dylan did!)

Uh, yea...he seriously climbed a 6 foot ladder (Dustin was right there with him). When he got to the top, he danced! Silly monkey :)
At 18 months:
  • Big vocabulary: church, Elmo, Einstein, Jack, momma, daddy, mine, yea, no, weee, juice, milk, cheese, please, pa (for Papaw!), dog, nana (banana), side (outside), beep beep, shoes, bike, etc. He'll try anything!
  • Loves to point out body parts
  • Has to give Jack a hug every morning
  • Says yea! Whenever we ask him if he wants to do something or wants something, his response is usually,"yea," very enthusiastically!
  • Very good at kissing and hugging
  • Loves to spin around and do ring around the rosy and then fall down!
  • Still a dancing machine
  • Has been eating a lot more lately!
  • Gives himself a lot of praise when he accomplishes something (usually in the form of clapping his hands!)
  • Loves to wrestle with daddy
  • Loves to cuddle with mommy
  • I'm teaching him to not like snakes (b/c I am deathly afraid of them). Whenever we see a snake in his books, he says "hisss" then I say, "kill that snake" and he smacks the snake.
  • Is having break downs when something is taken away or if we're out of popsicles--big tears start flowing! He can be a little dramatic at times :)
  • Loves his cousin, Penny. Whenever we tell him to say baby he says, "be-be Penny"
We love you Dyl!!! 6 months until your 2nd birthday!
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