Vacation in Charleston!

We had SO much fun on our vacation in Charleston, SC! We loved it so much that we would love to move there someday! Dylan absolutely ♥ LOVED LOVED LOVED ♥ the ocean! He had a big smile on his face as soon as he hit the beach and kept running back to the water as fast as he could every time we got him out of the water!

Some fun in the water with daddy and on the beach with his bucket & shovel!

This was pretty much what he did the whole time--run towards the water!

Dancing--he is just so excited to be at the beach!

His first reaction when seeing the ocean!
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Ballentine said...

Those are all so cute, and the video is precious!

Nana Moody said...

The expression on Dylan's face seeing the ocean for the first time...a once in a lifetime moment.
Love, Nana Moody

Jessi and Eric said...

SOOOOO jealous you guys got to to the ocean when you visited! Maybe we can go next time together!!
ps....Dylan, so cute!