Dylan is 14 (almost 15) months old!

As you can see from all of our pics and new posts we have been super busy! I still have a couple more posts to do believe it not! Dylan has been super fun this past month (as he is every month) and has learned a lot of new things! He's such a silly little boy! Here's what he has been up to:

  • Doing great with walking! He can run, climb, and has been doing really well with going up steps and stepping over things!
  • Loves to scream! If you scream, he'll scream right back at you!
  • One of my fav things he is doing is wanting to sit in our laps! If we're sitting on the floor, he'll just back his little booty back and squat down until he's sitting in our lap! ♥♥♥
  • When you tell him to say no no...he shakes his head no no!
  • Has been calling Jack bubby lately (too cute!) He goes up to Jack and will pet him and call him bubby...that's one of Dylan's nicknames so I guess he has decided to start calling Jack that too!
  • He is VERY good at giving hugs (I LOVE this)...he is especially good at giving Jack hugs.
  • Still loving daycare. He has grown up so much since he's been going!
  • Loves fruit, cheese, hot dogs and mac & cheese! He could eat it all for a meal three times a day! I'm afraid he's turning into a picky eater so we've been trying to work on that!
  • Loves to roughhouse with daddy and cuddle with mommy
  • Loves his puppy still and can't sleep without him
  • Is finally in the big boy carseat and he loves it!
  • Has figured out the toilet lid lifts up and there is fun water to play with inside! Um, yeah...we got to get the safety locks for the toilets...gross!
  • Is still doing a great job with signing!
  • Loves his daily wagon rides with daddy and Jack
  • Covers his face and plays peek a boo!
  • Talking a lot: he says, ball, dog dog (hot dog), dada, mama, bath, bubby, Jack, cheese (with a big cheesy smile!), num num (when he's eating something yummy), and I think a bunch of other things that I can't think of right now!
  • Loves to stack things and is very good at it!
  • Loves to chase and to be chased
  • Turns the turn the TV button on and off and has figured out how to turn the stereo on and off...it's pretty funny b/c he always starts dancing once he does!
  • Is very good at stabbing his food with his metal fork...he prefers to eat with a fork most of the time (but of course still uses his fingers too!)
  • Loves the dishwasher...runs to it every time to get silverware to bang together!

    Dylan Blake you're such a big boy and we love you so much!

On another note...Dylan had his yearly check up with his cardiologist a couple weeks ago and everything looks great! What a relief! I always worry in the back of mind so I'm glad we get to go yearly to check out his heart! This visit was a little more chaotic b/c some body didn't want to hold still for his echo! :)