Dustin's Wrist Surgery

(sorry, photo was taken on a cell phone so it's a little fuzzy!)
Poor Dustin...he has been having some major wrist pain and it has just been getting worse and worse. It would give out sometimes when picking up Dylan or even just trying to open a car door! The doctor hadn't been able to diagnose the problem, so they put him under to probe his wrist a couple weeks ago and they ended up finding a torn ligament and irregular cartilage. He's been in a cast for the past two weeks and now has a splint that he'll wear for the next 2-3 weeks. This is a picture of him right after surgery...a little drugged up, but still handsome as can be!

We love you, Dustin/Daddy, and we're so glad they fixed your wrist! xoxo, Emily & Dylan
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ray said...

It was nice of the hospital to let him keep the gown, too! I don't mind helping him tie it in the back so that his bum bum doesn't stick out at work!