Dylan crawled finally!

Dylan finally crawled this past Sunday! He's been so content just rolling everywhere and didn't mind rolling to get to toys out of way, so we decided to try something different to get him to crawl. We had to tempt him with some Puffs to get him moving! He kept saying, "num, num, num" and flapping his arms very excitedly and finally crawled to get to them! So as soon as we get the video camera he decides not to do it, but instead he shows us how he can pull up to his knees (on Jack!) In the video it's like he's saying, "Jack help me get my Puffs (or nums nums as we call them)."
We're so proud of you Dyl, can't wait to see you crawling some more!


The Mobleys said...

yah!!! That is so awesome. Good for you Dylan! Such a huge milestone. Oh and what a good dog you guys have...what a sweetie.