Dylan has had a tooth break through!!!

Yes...one week shy of being 6 months...Dylan had his first tooth break through yesterday!!! We are SO excited! It's on the bottom, of course and it feels like he has another one right next to it that feels like it is pretty close to breaking through too. He's been drooly for awhile, but has been even more so the past few days so we've been checking his gums everyday for the tooth. He's been such a trooper and really not too fussy when it has come to teething...I've read and heard of so many horror stories, but our little guy is so tough!

Hopefully this means Dylan has inherited Dustin's teeth...Dustin got his first tooth around 6 months and has never had to have braces or anything! My first tooth didn't come in until I was almost a year and I have to had all kinds of dental work done over the years. We're keeping our fingers crossed!