Rolling over...What a big boy!

Our big boy!
I swear this little guy is doing something new every week!

Dylan rolled over for the first time Wednesday night! He is only doing it in his sleep though. He did it twice last night and each time it woke him up! We've been letting him sleep on his belly since he has such good head control and has been pretty close to rolling over anyway. We've been practicing rolling over a lot and he just wouldn't do it quite yet...I think he likes to do his new tricks on his own terms!

He did the same thing when he first started lifting his head and supporting himself on his arms. He wouldn't do it when we had tummy time, but he would do it no problem in his crib when he thought we weren't watching (but we were on the monitor!) He does it all the time now, so I think it will be only a matter of time until he's rolling all over the place!