3 Months Old!

I can't believe Dylan is 3 months already! I have a feeling he is going to be accomplishing a lot this month!
Here's a little bit of what he's doing now:
  • He is pretty close to rolling over and he can lift his head when on his tummy but usually chooses not to unless he is a little fussy (truthfully, he is kind of lazy on his tummy!)
  • He has great head control, and has been really enjoying his Bumbo seat (he sits in it and watches mommy get ready for work in the mornings.)
  • The smiles keep coming and coming and some giggles too!
  • He really likes pushing off of his feet and looking at that handsome baby in the mirror!
  • He has been a little drooly and he loves putting his whole fist in his mouth!
  • His hair is also getting longer and lighter!
  • He can hold onto his toys and loves shaking his rattle (until he bonks himself in the head!)
  • He weighs 12lbs. 7oz.
  • He is sleeping through the night!
  • We're going to give rice cereal a try next month!

Loves his Bumbo!

Ang & Derek's Wedding: Angie & Derek had a beautiful wedding and they have been honeymooning in Australia! Here are some pictures from the big day:

Dustin & Ang


Mommy & D at the Rehearsal Dinner

Heart Update: Dylan saw his cardiologist a couple weeks ago and had an ECG and echo done. He did such a great job for the technicians...they thought he was just adorable (I couldn't agree more!) His doctor said that we will visit again in August to see how he is doing with his breathing and make a decision from there if he will either have his surgery in the fall or next spring. We're praying for this fall because we just want to get it over with! They usually wait for his O2 levels to go down, but I don't want to wait until then and have to see him struggle or turn blue. I'll update later this summer when we know more.

Here are some more fun pictures of Dylan for your viewing pleasure! (I'll try to post more when I can!):

He loves being naked and sitting in daddy's chair!

We don't have enough pictures together so I took this one of us!


Emily said...

Em, he is adorable! I am so glad things are going well! Dylan is always in our prayers. Keep us posted.

I hear you on the lack of pictures with mommy and son....I have a hand full and that is it! Crazy!

We need to get together soon! Take care!

jessi said...

Em, I think he gets cuter every time you post new pictures! And look at you! You would never know you had a baby three months ago!!! I hope I can see you soon and meet your little guy!