Summer Fun!

We've been super busy this summer and the blog has had to take a backseat! We're going to Florida in a couple of weeks with my parents and Dylan is so excited to go to the beach! We're also both looking for new jobs and starting to look into property that is rural and city enough to build a house (weird combo, huh?) We're also gearing up for the heart walk in September (more details forthcoming) and I've been very busy volunteering for the American Heart Association by going around to different organizations and sharing Dylan's story...he's become quite popular within the heart community! Mainly, we've been outside all summer so far!

Cute boy :) We've been growing his hair out longer & it's become even more blond since he's outside all the time!

Dylan has been swimming a lot over at Nana & Papaw Nichols and on the deck in the baby/doggie pool!

Dustin found his first cecropia moth of the summer to start Dylan's collection (it's now mounted and framed in Dylan's room). We have a collection of butterflies & moths that Dustin collected as a kid in our office.

New fav picture of my boys! They've been fishing in the backyard a lot & Dylan is quite the natural! He knows how to reel a fish in and claps every time he catches and fish and ask for more after daddy throws it back in!
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