Dylan is 21 months old!

Wow! 3 more months until Dylan is 2!!! We were talking last night about how in a few months, we'll just be calling him 2 years old instead of his age by months! Such a big boy! Here's a little bit of what he's been up to:
  • Calls me mom-o and Dustin da-eeee ♥
  • Gives hugs and kisses frequently and even to his friends at school when he leaves at the end of the day (too cute!)
  • Loves to sing and dance
  • Says hi and bye to anyone and everyone--at the store coming & going from a restaurant...so friendly!
  • He's in the 2 year old room now at daycare...he looks smaller than most of the kids, but he's just as smart (if not smarter)
  • Does go pee-pee on the potty sometimes and asks to sit on it quite often...I'm off for a week after Christmas so we're going to work on it a little more aggressively since he's shown such a strong interest in it...they'll help potty-train him at school too! We'll see what happens!
  • Loves keys and my beach bag...he put his deer in my bag one day and went to the door with one of our sets of keys like he was going somewhere!
  • Still quite an outdoors guy no matter what the weather...he likes to go down slides backwards!
  • Likes to try and dress himself...sometimes he gets it right, sometimes he doesn't :)
Loves wearing hats...especially this Santa hat...he says, "ho, ho, ho" when he puts it on!
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