20 months!

4 months until you are 2, Dylan! Wow. I'm already thinking of party ideas! Here's a little glimpse of what he's been up to:
  • Very good at blowing kisses...he blows kisses to everyone at daycare (such a flirt!)
  • He has 16 teeth now!
  • Is doing VERY well at his new daycare...they think he's such a good natured, social little boy! I can't believe how much he's grown and learned in just the short month he's been there. They're starting to transition him to the 2's room, and will probably end up in there soon based on how he's been doing the couple of hours he's in there each day.
  • Identifying colors (his fav is yellow)
  • Is having issues with sippy cups and high chairs right now...he thinks he's too big for either one. He will sit in his highchair without the tray at the table though.
  • Loves to "jump" (we count to three and he bends down real low then staightens his legs on 3 and onto his tippy toes...close to real jumping soon, I'm sure)
  • Loves planes, choo choo's, cars (beep beep's or bye bye's)...he's such a boy
  • Can tell you pretty accurately what animals sound like (especially snakes, cats, dogs, ducks & deer!) For example, instead of quack quack, he makes a sound kind of like a real duck...we should really get this on video!
  • Is talking up a storm! We tried counting up all the words he says and it's well over 100.
  • Has FINALLY started to eat more meat...likes chicken the best.
  • Likes to stomp his feet really quick when he wants something really bad and can't have it.
  • Such a sweetheart...he's so generous with hugs and kisses :)

Decided his hair needed a yogurt conditioning treatment!

Sitting at the table...happy b/c he's not in his highchair

Likes to sit in the recliner with puppy and a blanket

In daddy's truck...one of his new obsessions!
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