Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Happy 29th Birthday, Dustin!

Wow...one year until you're 30!!! We certainly have had a lot of birthday memories together...I remember this day 13 years ago very clearly...you got the Malibu and you were able to pick me up for school in it! I also remember this day 8 years ago when you turned 21 and we went to Nick's for your birthday and I puked in the bushes by your apartment. But, I'll especially remember today...you getting home from working all night and watching how proud you were of the card Dylan made for you and watching how much you two adore each other.

Can't wait to make more and more birthday memories with you, babe. Dylan and I love you sooooo much! Thank you for working to take care of our family and being the best husband to me and daddy to Dylan. I'm excited to see where this next year will take us, and I wouldn't want to be on this crazy ride with anyone else! ♥

Happy Birthday!!! We love you!!!