Dylan is 17 months old!

Wow! Dylan is almost a year and an half! I'll try to keep this monthly update short...he's just doing SO much it's even hard to keep track!
  • He's talking up a storm!
  • When we pick him up from the sitter, he gives us really tight hugs around the neck and grabs our cheeks and puckers up for a kiss!
  • Says, hiiiieeeee and byeeeeee. Too cute! He was at Auntie Ang's the other day and waved at a doggie on a walk and said hiiiiieeee, then byeeeee as they walked away and then he went mmmuah and blew a kiss to the doggie!
  • He has 11 teeth now. These molars are taking forever to come in! He has three and is working on his fourth one.
  • LOVES Elmo! He got an Elmo DVD and just adores it! He loves to dance and will sit quietly for up to 5 minutes (that's like a lifetime to him) and watch it. The rest of the time he's running around like crazy saying, MELMO!!! (translation: Elmo).
  • Is starting to throw little temper tantrums when he doesn't get his way. He's getting more vocal about it now and has even hit us & Jack(luckily, he only does it at home and is a little angel at daycare!) He's starting to understand he doesn't always get his way, and is learning the meaning of gentle!
  • He's climbing on everything! He's turning into quite the daredevil!
  • Can do ring around the rosy (so cute when he falls down!) and he loves to twirl!
  • Loves to ride his bikes and can almost reach the pedals!

♥We love you, Dylan! You bring us so much laughter, & we love to see your little personality developing more & more! ♥

The many faces of Dylan. He loves his stethoscope & he loves to listen to our hearts & Jack's heart (a future doc in the making???)

Big on smooches...even through the back door!

(Sorry, I couldn't get it to flip) He uses this at daycare to pick out his family members! He's really good at picking out Jack & mommy!
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Ballentine said...

Love his Superman shirt!