Dylan is 16 months old!

Wow...he's 16 months...that's crazy! He just adores Dustin so much and they LOVE playing together (I'm not sure who has the most fun--him or Dustin?) He's such a sweet heart and loves to cuddle up with me and a book before bed. Here's a little bit of what he's been up to (make sure you scroll down and check out the other 3 posts with pictures!)

  • Puckers up big time to give kisses
  • Loves to give hugs...I love it when he comes up and hugs your legs
  • Says all kinds of things (and some things VERY clearly): night night, bath, Jack, dog, puppy, baby, juice, milk, momma, dada, cheese, ball, book, hi, bye...gosh, a lot of other words too (I'm bad and don't write them all down and my mind isn't as clear as it used to be to remember them all...ha, I wonder why?!) He will attempt hard words like pineapple and blueberry and he likes to make kitty and doggie sounds and goes swish swish when you ask him what sounds the leaves make. He likes being able to communicate and he'll try to say any word we tell him to, and he uses most words correctly in the right context.
  • He can count to 2 with his fingers...we didn't know he could do this until one day I was counting and when I said, "one..." he held up one finger then I said "two..." he held up two fingers. Dustin and I looked at each other and said, "did he really just do that?" I said it again and he did it again! He's so smart. :) He looks like he's showing gang symbols when he does it b/c he points his fingers down instead of holding them up!
  • He's a dancing machine (still)
  • He is climbing and standing on things he knows he shouldn't...we also discovered that he can climb up and down stairs VERY well!
  • He minds us very well (for the most part)...he listens and knows that we mean business when we say no
  • Has 10 teeth now...two of his top molars have broke through
  • Tries to do somersaults
  • Loves to side step and walk backwards (he thinks it's hilarious!)
  • He shows his temper...he gets a graham cracker before bed and the other night Jack ate it when Dyl had set it down and Dyl watched as the whole thing happen with a pouty lip then he went right over the Jack and pushed him! Ha!
  • Gets haircuts about every 3 weeks (it grows SO fast!)
  • At his most recent dr. appointment he weighed 22 lbs.
  • Loves to brush his teeth and if you aren't careful he'll stick his toothbrush in your mouth too!
  • Loves his family! We have a picture collage that we made for daycare for him to work on pointing out family members and saying their names
  • Knows our routines...helps put up towels after his bath--says bye to Jack every morning before he goes to daycare, etc.
  • Can point out your noise, eyes, mouth and his belly button
  • Has been bringing us diapers and lays down on the floor once he hands them to us...ready for potty training?
  • Is starting to eat more and more veggies! Really loves green beans...thank God!
  • Loves to help clean...he's always wiping down the floors and sweeping daddy's garage
  • Loves running in the grass--Dustin is going to build a gate for our deck so he doesn't try running towards the pond...scary!
  • Will take our keys and try to reach for a knob to put it in the keyhole...may have to get knob locks once he can reach them!

Dylan, you're such a big boy! We love you so very much and thank God every day for having you in our lives!