Dylan is 15 months old!

Wow...time sure if flying by! Dylan is becoming quite the chatterbox...and we're understanding what he's saying! He's all boy and definitely a daddy's boy, but still loves to cuddle with his mama too! Here's the updates:

  • He is becoming even more & more affectionate (♥ that!) He is really good at giving smooches now (not just open mouth slobbers, he actually puckers up) and loves coming up and giving us hugs...he is really starting to wrap his arms around our neck and just gives random hugs (no complaints here)!

  • Hugs Jack ALL THE TIME! (Another new fav pic of these two buddies together!)

  • Plays peek a boo very well!

  • Had to have another haircut and we went a little shorter this time...LOVED IT! He looked so big...within a week though it looks like he needs another haircut b/c it grows so fast

  • He can sign, "please." I didn't even know he could do this until the other day I told him to say please and he signed it!

  • He can say juice VERY well...he will actually go open the pantry and get himself a Capri-Sun and say JUICE!

  • Does his own sign for cookie & fishies (Goldfish crackers)

  • Can climb up his slide now and slide down all by himself! (see video on sep. post)

  • Still loves to dance (see video on sep. post)

  • Um yeah...he is starting to crawl...wouldn't do it when he was "supposed" to, but he can do it now (little stinker)

  • Weighs 21 lbs. and is 29 inches long...although he's small, doc said he's doing wonderful and staying on his own little up curve considering what he's been through (and of course...he had to reassure Dustin, again, that Dylan won't be a dwarf!)

  • Wants to be outside ALL THE TIME...if we're standing by the back door he will start pushing us towards the door and says, "side!" (translation: outside) and when we go inside he sometimes throws a fit!

  • Is starting to do the itsy bitsy spider signs and if you're happy and you know it when we sing the song!

  • Is working on some lower molars...ouch...still only 8 teeth though!

  • Loves to feed himself....yogurt has been a struggle to feed to him, so instead of the Yobaby yogurt he's now feeding himself the Gogurts and loves it!

  • Loves the Flavor Ice popsicles (this is an outside treat!) that his papaw bought for him!

  • Has developed a fear of laying back in the bathtub...not sure why?

  • Is the neighborhood heart throb...all of the little girls in the neighborhood just loving coming over and pulling him in his wagon! He loves the attention!

  • If you give him a washcloth he will wipe his mouth and wipe the floors too! He used to hate having his mouth wiped, but he doesn't mind now and he's even doing all by himself!

Dylan Blake...you're such a big boy! We love you soooooo much!


Derek said...

His first farmer's tan!