Please pray! **UPDATED 4/23**

I'm asking for some prayers this week!

My sister-in-law, Emily, is in the hospital with severe preeclampsia. She is almost 30 weeks pregnant with a baby girl, and it looks like she'll be making her appearance soon. Please pray for a safe delivery for both baby and mom, and a quick recovery for both of them too. Please pray that their precious baby girl's lungs and other vital organs have developed enough so that all she needs to do when she comes into this world is grow while she is in the NICU. Also, please pray for the soon to be new daddy, Seth. Ask God to give him strength so he can be strong for his girls.

So if you could take one minute today and pray for these things for this little family, I know they would really appreciate it. Dustin and I know the power of prayer first hand, and we know that every little prayer counts.


Penny Helena was born today! She is 2lbs. 10oz., 15 1/4in. long and beautiful! She is doing awesome and so is mom and dad. They still have a long road ahead of them, but looks like Penny is strong and she's a fighter!

Welcome to the world, Penny, you are so loved by so many already!