Dylan's fav song and bouncing!

(Okay, I had to post the video with Justin Timberlake b/c I love him and I think he's hilarious...this is part of the skit he did with Beyonce on SNL, it's not exactly with the music, and it goes back to her real video, but you get the point!)

Okay...Dylan loves to dance and he really likes this Beyonce song so we sing it a lot to him and he really starts shaking his booty when standing up...it's the cutest thing..I think he could seriously be one of her back up dancers! Please excuse my annoying voice...I'm sure all you mommies know what silly things we do and say to get our little ones to smile!

The second video shows how he is bouncy on his booty to get places. It gets him where he wants to go pretty quick...he prefers to bounce versus doing his half army crawl/half regular crawl that he does. Also, you can see his new fascination with laundry...he loves to take it all out then put it back in the basket!

Sorry the video are so dark...we did them on our digital camera which doesn't take the best quality videos!


Lindsey said...

oh my goodness!! this is so cute! I was laughing so hard... he just made my day!he has got some serious dancing moves!

Matt, Jen, & Braden said...

oh my word...you HAVE to send this to America's Funniest Home Videos!!! This is PRICELESS!! Who says white boys can't dance? :)