Dylan is 11 months!!! (Make sure you scroll down to see his pictures!)

We are down to 1 month before the big "1"!!! I'm so excited and teary eyed! Dylan has been busy this past month and keeps us laughing all the time! Here's what he's been up to:
  • Cruising everywhere!
  • Loves his Baby Einstein DVDs
  • Is really into putting things into something (especially the laundry in the basket) and then taking it out...then repeat!
  • Is walking very well with his scooter and his push toy and can go pretty far (he's very proud of himself when he does this!)
  • Loves to get into the kitchen cabinets so we have now put the safety locks on them
  • Puts his arms in the air and does "so big!"
  • Is pointing to things that he wants
  • He is biting us...we're trying to break him of this habit before he goes to daycare in April so he's not the kid who bites people (how embarrassing would that be?)
  • Loves to dance and clap his hands
  • Puckers up and makes kissy noises when we say to blow us kisses
  • When we ask for a kiss he licks our face!
  • Can stand by himself for about 5 seconds
  • Loves to rip up magazines
  • Loves to read--he has a couple favs with animals in them that he likes to pat when he sees their picture in the book
  • When we count to three when we're holding him he throws himself backwards so he can hang up side down
  • Pats Jack on his head very nicely
  • Talking all the time...says: Ja (Jack), mama, dada, ba-ba (asking for his bottle), bu (book), bat (bath)...he says all this pretty consistently, but if we do ask him to say something he tries to say it...he attempted saying, "banana," this weekend and did a great job!
  • His hair is getting pretty long, but I refuse to cut it yet...it lays so nicely that I think I'll just keep letting it grow out!
  • Has been quite the daddy's boy lately, which Dustin just loves!
  • Loves to close doors and turn off light switches
  • Is starting to really throw a tantrum if we take something away from him
  • Falls pretty gracefully, we of course keep a very close eye on him, but we always try to stand back and let him get himself back up (unless of course there are tears, then mommy and daddy to rescue!)
  • Responds to Dylan, Dyl, goo and bubby
  • Loves to hold the phone (or any object including his hand) up to his ear and say, "ah?" (hello), and then he usually say, "dadadada," he always pretends he's talking to his daddy on the phone!

Gosh, I think that's it...he keeps doing more and more new stuff everyday it's hard to keep track! He is definitely becoming more and more like a toddler than a baby every day!

We love you, Dylan, and we are so very excited about your first b-day coming up!