Please pray!!!

Friends, family & lurkers :),

Please pray for my friend. She had an emergency c-section today and had a beautiful baby girl. I don't know all the details yet, but they think the baby may have a heart defect and they were on their way to Riley.

This is such a similar situation (as of now) as we were in with Dylan almost a year ago, except I was full term and Dylan was almost 3 times the size of their baby girl. My heart is aching for them and I know one of the things that comforted me the most and gave me hope was knowing that so many people were praying for our little family. So....please pray for this family and their new little one...it really does help!


Matt, Jen, & Braden said...

I am praying now. Please keep us updated!!

Emily said...

We are praying! Like Jen said, please keep us all posted!!