Dylan is 10 months old!!!

I can't believe he's in the double digits now. I keep tearing up just thinking about his 1st birthday coming up! Here is just a little bit of what he's doing now:
  • Still LOVES his baths...we ask him if he wants to take a bath and he starts saying "baa baa baa!!!" (translation: bath ) He lunges towards the bath once he's naked.

  • Waves and says hello to the mounted deer on our wall. Whenever we go somewhere we tell him to say hi to the deer and he will look up to see if there are any deer on the wall to wave hello to.
  • He feeds Jack his food from his highchair...they have a pretty good understanding with each other about this. :)

  • Is over baby food (except for bananas, peaches & pears). He just wants to feed himself.

  • Loves to share his food...will put in right in your mouth now

  • Is eating yogurt for breakfast and is really liking the peach flavor the best

  • LOVES cheese

  • Is really into stuffed animals right now. He likes to squeeze them really hard and he makes a silly face when he does.

  • Is standing up in his crib and knocking down his monitor when he wants to get up.

  • Still sleeping 10-12 hours at night (I couldn't tell you the last time he woke up in the middle of the night!)

  • Standing up on everything and cruising...still army crawling too and bouncing on his tush everywhere

  • He got a keyboard with a microphone on it for Christmas and he loves to "sing" into the microphone (it's so cute!)

  • Says mama and dada and knows who is who.

  • He tries to mimic everything we say

  • "Woofs" when Jack barks, and climbing all over Jack

  • Drinks out of his straw sippy cup very well now...we tried giving him formula in it and he wasn't too crazy about it. We're going to have to start practicing more with the formula in the sippy so he will be ready to ditch the bottle in a couple months.

  • Hates to have his mouth and hands wiped.

  • Dances when you tell him to, "shake it baby!" (too cute)

  • Claps his hands

  • Can sign "more"
  • Can brush his hair
  • Loves to have his teeth brushed
  • Loves to read books...especially his peek-a-boo book
  • Whenever he drops something (intentionally or on accident) he says, "uh uh!" (translations: uh oh...he just can't say the "oh" yet!)

Happy 10 months, Dylan! You're such a smartie and doing so great with hitting your milestones (I'd say he's advanced with talking/social stuff and maybe just a little bit behind or right on target physically, which is pretty good considering all he has gone through!)