Dylan and are are both O+ and before his surgery was scheduled I said I hoped I could donate blood directly for him. We got the info in the mail last week preparing us for his surgery and there was a section on there about direct blood donations...so I got in yesterday to donate my blood for Dylan. I have felt so helpless with this whole situation and this allowed me to be able to do at least something for Dylan as his mother. My blood will be in the operating room with him and will be running through his body.

I never donated blood before and the tech could tell I was nervous and a little emotional about it so she made me a cute little pink bow to put on my bandage :) and talked to me the whole time about Dylan. I gave almost a pint (500ml) of blood--she said plenty for my little guy.

This was an emotional experience for me, but I'd give him all my blood if he needed it. Thanks for everyone's prayers and positive vibes coming our way...we're definitely feeling them.


Emily said...

Emily, you have me in tears. You are an amazing girl!!! Amazing mother. I admire your strength, love your positive attitude and value your trust in God. He is good and He will take such great care of you, Dylan and Dustin. I am praying like crazy for you and your family.

You're a wonderful inspiration!